– The indexation verification is now running on server-side. It means you can now leave the page or adding multiple tests simultaneously.

– New billing system
– PHP 7.2 integration

– The indexation verification for your URLs is now running in the background for a faster process.

– Minor AJAX bug fixes.
– Indexation verification bug fixes.
– Minor UI change.

– A new article has been added to the “PBN Ressources” page.
– Some clients have seen their dashboard stop being updated after a renewal, this has been fixed.

– A new PBN study has been added.

– CloudFlare has been disabled as it was causing issues with the app.

– Your membership information has been added to your dashboard.
– Improvement in our billing system for the upgrade/downgrade.
– Improvement of our indexation status checker.
– Integration of a free trial option on our starter package.

– The indexation status has been improved.
– The “undefined” data has been fixed when we add a new PBN test… no more need to refresh the page.

– In some cases, the URL was cut due to a MySQL characters limitation; Fixed.
– In some cases, the historical graph was showing 2 entries for the same date; Fixed

– Fixed the issue with ranking row that was not show properly in some case on the historical graph.

– Fixed the issue that shows “0” in the historical graph when the keyword is not in Top300 results. Now, it will show a blank space.

– Fixed the issue that shows the value “0” in ranking stats when your target anchor text doesn’t rank in the Top300 results for the target URL.

Note: If you start to rank in the top 300 results, the apps will make the ranking difference calculation from the “300” value as we cannot check for higher ranking.